So I went to the Apple Genius Bar today with my iPhone 4 issues. It was a fairly unsatisfactory experience, especially compared to when I took my iPhone 3G back when dust* started appearing on the screen and they replaced it without question.

Before my Genius Bar appointment I compared the performance of my iPhone 4 with the others in the shop. There was only one iPhone on O2, so that was the only one I could really test.

From what I could tell my phone is not atypical, the one in store that I tested behaved exactly the same, huge drop off of signal and download performance when held lightly in my left hand. I took my 3G with me as well, it suffered no such problem held the same way.

Read on for the gory details of what followed.

Apple have come out with a formal response to the alleged iPhone 4 reception issues.

And of course John Gruber has come up with a brilliant translation of it.

Here is my take on it as an iPhone 4 owner.

I’d been hoping (and really expected) that there was going to be a real fix to this. As such I had been avoiding testing the issue too much, until now…

Updated: I did some more testing that shows the problem doesn’t occur in very, very good 3G signal areas, see the end of the article.

See what happened when I took my iPhone 4 to the Genius Bar.