I did two momentous things today. I unplugged our video recorder and CD player. They are now stashed in the attic.

A few years ago that isn’t an event that I could have predicted.

We no longer need a VCR and CD player in our living room. The VCR has been more than replaced by the combination of the DVD player and our Sky+ PVR. The CD player is redundant, because with the right hardware high bit rate MP3s are indistinguishable from CDs.

I still remember back in the eighties when my parents rented a series of Betamax VCRs. At time time they couldn’t afford to buy one outright.

At the same time I was buying albums on audio cassettes, complete with all their hiss and warbling.

Who would have believed then that both technologies would become obsolete within 20 years and that CDs would be going the same way.